Environment mobile concrete batching plant Detailed

Environment mobile concrete batching plant Detailed
1. Construction of concrete function label; thus to choose what kind of mixing host. Such as water conservancy project is necessary to use forced mixing host. Other, but also should be based on the mix of concrete materials can be selected ingredients and storage warehouse.
2. Construction of the task of concrete and its duration; with these two parameters to choose how much standard mixing station. If the coefficient is K, the specification of the mixing station should be chosen as X = M / T * H * K, where K is 0.7-0.9. The total amount of concrete is M; the number of days of concrete pouring is T; the number of working hours per day is H; In the selection also take into account the delivery of finished concrete. Such as: is the direct pumping is still the vehicle delivery. The volume of the vehicle is also the main basis for the choice of the type of mixing station.
3. Construction environment and construction policy; in the choice of the acquisition of green mixed mixing station, should be considered to consider the construction policy and the impact of the construction environment, and then ensure the smooth construction and construction quality. We advise you to be prepared in the following circumstances
A. When the site needs a one-time pouring a large amount (according to the optional stirring to be stirred for more than 12 hours), enough quality pleads higher, and there is no support near the mixing station, the best choice of two specifications smaller Mixing station, perhaps choose a main pair of double machine production.
B. When the site is inconvenient and the staff are required to spend a lot of time in and out of the site, it is best to choose the same small standard station, or prepare the spare parts, and then ensure that the construction progress smoothly.
C. When the construction site is more lax, but the distance between the site is not too far, the delivery radius of concrete transport vehicles do not exceed half an hour by car, dump truck delivery no more than 10 minutes by car. The best choice of multi-number will be used to stir, to advance the utilization of the mixing station and the construction of economic benefits.
4. Operators quality; usually, small mixing station structure is relatively simple, the control system is also more simple. The original request for the operation of the staff is lower. While the larger station structure messy, high degree of automation, and thus the demands of the operator is also higher. Therefore, in the acquisition of green mixed mixing plant in addition to consider the previous elements, should also consider this element.
5. Production options; in the usual situation, the manufacturer has the old product production, such as norms, quantity, variety and so on. You can make your special request when ordering your product. We will try to meet your plea. But in the purchase of products should not be tedious, so that the formation of the economy will not waste. Other in addition to the purchase of products in addition to reference to the quotation of different manufacturers, but also special attention should not be the same manufacturer is production list. In addition to the above specifications, varieties and quantity, the most important thing is the manufacturer of the kit. In the above article, you can always choose the most suitable for your model. In the choice of models do not seek the best, but should seek the most appropriate and meet your needs, because such a choice is the most economical and most useful.

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