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More information about Mobile Concrete batching plant can be found on the event's web site where a detailed FAQ is available.If you have a question that we haven't answered here, feel free to contact us.Our Mobile Concrete batching plant experts are gladly at your disposal and provide help and advice.

Q:what’s the advantage of your company?

A: we are factory direct sale,we can provide high quality products with lowest price in the market and save your time and money.we have profesional customer service team with fluent english speaking and professional knownage who can offer best service for you.

Q:How could I maintain the Mobile Concrete batching plant which is bought from you.

A: First,In warranty time,we will send parts for you freely.Our technicians will go to our customers country regularly and maintain the machine for them.Second,you could send your technician to our factory,our professional staff will train your technician.

Q:How about malfunction?

A:Our technician will make a professional solution with picture for customer, which shows how to operate step by step. If the spare part breaks we will replace it for customer with kind of charge or without charge.

Q:How long will it takes to deliver goods from china to my country?

A:As for the time different port is different. Generally speaking it’s about one month by sea,3-7 workdays by air.

Q:If your company can help me to reserve a hotel if we come to visit your factory?

A:Our company can help customer to reserve a hotel if they come to China and we can pick up customer at airport or hotel if necessary.

Q:Lifetime of your product?

A:It’s according to the maintenance of product, generally speaking it’s about 5-10 years.

Q:Different coins from different countries can be acceptable to coin selector? How about cash?

A:Different coins from different countries can be accepted by coin selector. Also we can install a note recognize devise into the machine (as usually comes with the coin one)

Q:If your company can custom product as my required and put my logo on?

A:All of our product are designed and customized as required including color, print, pattern and logo.

Q:If the voltage and plug of your product will come with my standard?

A: We will confirm Voltage and plug with customer and produce machines as the customer’s request.

Q:What are the advantages and, more importantly, the economics of purchasing a mobile batching plant to expand my ready mix market by operating a job-site plant in remote areas?

A: WLong hauls (distance and/or time) can drastically affect the cost per cubic yard of delivered ready mixed concrete plant. How then can you reduce the length of haul for remote jobs and at the same time be more competitive and increase your profit margin?
Assuming the remote area will not support a permanent plant operation, the best solution is a mobile concrete batching plant that can be quickly set up and easily moved between jobs. Job site batching with a mobile concrete batching plant has the following advantages:
1. It will reduce the delivery cost per yard and increase your overall profit per yard.
2. Shorter hauls that avoid heavy city traffic will extend the life of your truck mixers with less wear and maintenance and also reduce your capital investments in truck mixers for any one job.
3. It will improve your ability to serve remote customers by using a fewer truck mixers on large concrete jobs.
4. You can better serve your local regular customers from your base plant without the interruption caused by long hauls.
5. A mobile concrete batching plant can be a very cost-effective means to develop a new market area prior to establishing a permanent installation.
6. A mobile concrete batching plant can be a valuable asset to your base operation. When available, it can easily be set up in your main hard-to-serve locations as a backup to your base plant in case of a major breakdown, overhaul, rebuild or maintenance situation.
7. When set up in your main yard, a mobile concrete batching plant can supplement your base plant to handle daily peak periods of production during your busy season.
8. The resale value for mobile concrete batching plant is much higher than for stationary plants.

Q:How Can I select the right mobile batching plant model?

A: To choose a mobile concrete batching plant properly is very important to customer. Here are some advices for you to choose a proper concrete batching plant.
1. Make sure which kind of concrete is needed. Choose a proper concrete mixer according to the sort of concrete. For example, a forced type concrete mixer must be selected to meet the need of a water conservancy project. In addition, choose concrete batching machine and storage silo on the basis of categories of materials.
2. Make a determination of the specification of mobile concrete batching plant according to the amount of the needed concrete and construction period. The delivery situation of concrete must be taken into consideration when selecting a concrete batching plant. The carrying capacity of vehicle is also an important point to choose a concrete batching plant.
3. Fully consider the influence of engineering objects and construction condition to guarantee the quality of construction.
4. The skill of operators also must be taken into account. In general, small mobile concrete batching plant has a simple structure and control system. So, the requirement to operator is relatively low. On the contrary, large concrete batching plant has complex structure and is highly automated. The operator must be a qualified one.
5. Manufacturer has standard product configuration such as specification, quantity and types. You can have special demand but don’t go in for grandiose projects which will lead to economic waste

Q:How can I use a mobile concrete batching plant with high efficiency?

A: First of all, you need to have a good mobile batching plant to start with; and trained personnel to run it. I can address your specific question if you want to write with me. In the meanwhile, you can have more information about mobile Concrete Batching Plant Manufacturers at this website.
Apart from the above two vital factors, it is also dependent on what use the concrete is for, location where you are producing and the raw materials you are using.
I would say, the most important factor will be the precision with which you weigh all the individual items to make the concrete. So, it boils down to accuracy of your load cells, and subsequently your control system that manages the whole mobile batching plant.

Q:What is a batching plant?

A: A concrete plant, also known as a batch plant or batching plant or a concrete batching plant, is equipment that combines various ingredients to form concrete. Some of these inputs include water, air, admixtures, sand, aggregate (rocks, gravel, etc.), fly ash, silica fume, slag, and cement.

Q:How does the concrete batching plant work?

Concrete batching plant is divided into four parts: gravel feed, powder (cement, fly ash, bulking agents, etc.) to feed, water and feed additives, transmission and storage stirred their workflow shown in Figure 1. , the mixer control system power, into the human - machine dialogue operation interface, system initialization process, including recipe number, grade concrete slump, producers, etc. according to the amount of weight carried on each silo, weighing hoppers. detection, output material or material empty full signal, prompting the operator to determine whether to activate the control program starts stirring sand, stone belt motor fed into the metering hopper; open fly ash, cement tank valve, start the electromechanical screw conveyor ash cement to the metering hopper; open water reservoir and control valves admixture pool water and additives into the metering hopper metered meet the set requirements doo door open metering, mixing the ingredients into the mixer within already started to set. time to open the mixer door, into the concrete mixer had received material.

Q:What is the control system of a mobile concrete batching plant?

mobile concrete batching plant control system is equipped with precise batching machine equipment, you can control a number of independent batching lines, each line can be set according to user requirements, said the focus. In addition to the sensor, the control system is designed to focus on the centralized control of the central control room away from the mixing station. (1) distributed microcomputer control: this kind of control mode is widely used in the design of early mixing station. The core of the control system is a programmable controller. The upper computer is only used as a management report. With the wide application of commercial concrete, the functional requirements of concrete mixing station become more and more complex. (2) centralized microcomputer control: the control form of computer control and management functions in a computer, the task is relatively heavy, the synchronization of data and statistics does not report the production process, not any statistical data, the measurement of artificial interference too much. For example: the establishment of the measurement control program, signal amplifier and A/D board accuracy, will affect the measurement accuracy. (3) centralized dual microcomputer control: this form is to solve the measurement of human interference. The special ingredients and control instruments, production control and management functions on two computers, do not interfere with each other, the production control and report statistics, synchronization, and management of computer production can also be used as a backup machine provides a network interface and a computer.

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