How should we maintain portable concrete plants?

Daily maintenance of a plant concrete means rules you should bear in mind every day An operator of portable concrete plants must be clear about functions of all controlling parts right operating orders as well as corresponding running rules Otherwise you might panic and make wrong operations in case of emergencies eventually resulting in damages in components or waste of concrete raw materials Specifically speaking you should follow four aspects First pay special attention to damages deformation and corrosion of the plant during its delivery and operation Second keep the plant under excellent technical states by sticking firmly to daily maintenance rules Third run the plant properly reducing or avoiding mechanical failures caused by wrong operation Fourth keep the plant cleanIn detail you should pay special attention to periodic maintenance and the portable concrete plant’s gears speed reducers blades liner plates damages liquid supplying devices and matching components The whole plant should go through a periodic maintenance every six months when you should check the reliability of all bolts and connecting parts A complete repairing work should be done after about 4000 hours’ running every time You should also focus on the wearing state of large gears and replace them in case of need Check regularly whether the lubricating oil is sufficient and of good quality Refill the tank or exchange the oil if necessary It’s unnecessary to exchange mixing blades if they are still adjustable and the liner plates should be replaced once sunk screws emerge out of their surface Pay attention to possible damages of wearing parts Check whether the liquid supplying system leaks water or additives In addition matching components of a portable concrete plant including electronic parts gear head motors air cylinders vibrators and air filters must be maintained regularly as required by instruction manualsbr

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