What is a concrete plant?

Concrete mixing plant is a building material manufacturing equipment consisting of five main components of mixing main machine material weighing system material conveying system material storage system control system and other ancillary facilities The main principle of its work is cement as cementing material Raw materials such as sand lime and cinder are mixed and stirred and finally made into concrete which is put into construction as a wall materialThe concrete plant is mainly divided into four parts sand and gravel feeding powder feeding water and admixture feeding conveying and storage The equipment is casted by integral steel structure The highquality Hshaped steel not only looks beautiful and also strengthens The overall structural strength of the concrete mixing plant is easy to install and can be applied to a variety of complex terrain structuresThe concrete batching plant has good mixing performance The equipment adopts the spiral doubleshaft forced mixing main machine Not only the mixing machine is strong but also can achieve good mixing effect for dry hard plastic and various proportions of concrete It is evenly stirred and has high efficiencyThe concrete batching plant not only has an excellent mixing machine but also has a variety of sophisticated accessories such as screw conveyors metering sensors pneumatic components etc These components ensure the high reliability of the concrete mixing plant during operation accurate measurement skills and extremely long service life At the same time each maintenance and repair part of the concrete mixing plant is equipped with a walking platform or a check ladder and has sufficient maneuvering space The mixing host can be equipped with a highpressure automatic cleaning system and has a function of lack of oil and an overtemperature automatic alarm function which is convenient for equipment maintenanceThe concrete mixing plant has good environmental protection function During the operation of the machine the powder handling is carried out in the whole blocking system The powder tank adopts highefficiency dust collectorfog spraying to greatly reduce the dust pollution to the environment and the concrete is stirred The concrete plant uses a noise reduction device for the pneumatic system exhaust and discharge equipment to effectively reduce noise pollutionbr

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